James Stone is a multi-award winning nature and night-sky photographer based in Tasmania. He shoots all aspects of nature photography subjects, but specialises in time-lapse, night sky, wildlife and polar photography.

James’ passion for photography was re-ignited upon moving to Tasmania, Australia’s island state, brimming with World Heritage recognised wilderness and crawling with diverse, and unique wildlife.

Tasmania’s latitudinal location in the path of the Roaring 40s provides ever-changing weather patterns and cloud formations, all bathed in an ethereal natural light, and provides the opportunity to witness the Aurora Australis or Southern Lights.

Since successfully chasing his first aurora, James has been addicted, spending many long, cold nights out under the stars capturing Tassie’s spectacular southern night sky. James is currently shortlisted in two categories for the 2019 INSIGHT Astronomy Photographer of the Year Awards run by the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, he was also shortlisted in 2018.

James' night-sky time-lapse work won the Animated Aesthetic Category in Australia's premier astrophotography awards - the David Malin Awards in 2018, James has previously been awarded the 2016 Photo Editor's Choice at the David Malin Awards, and his time-lapse footage won best Aesthetic Animated Sequence in the same year. His images have been featured in Australian Geographic, a book on aurora chasing and awarded International Loupe awards. James' time-lapse has placed him as a finalist in several Tasmanian short-film festivals. His work has also featured in TV and cinema advertising throughout the Asia-Pacific region for Google.

James is well travelled and holds a special attraction to the world’s polar regions. The challenges of polar photography are far out-weighed by the stunning beauty and stark contrasts these regions provide. Having voyaged to Antarctica on a couple of occasions, James has become a member of the Ocean Artists Society and participated in a voyage to the Arctic with Ocean Geographic on the Elysium Artists for the Arctic expedition, collecting stills and time-lapse for use in a global exhibition, book and documentary, highlighting ocean and climate change in the region. The Elysium Artists for the Arctic Exhibition previewed at the Explorer's Club in NYC before premiering in Singapore in April 2017, across China in 2019 and opening in Sydney at the Maritime Museum 13 August 2019. The exhibition is accompanied by a limited edition coffee-table book featuring several of James' images.

As a contributor to various stock libraries including Getty Images, Shutterstock, Alamy and Adobe, James is fully conversant with both Canon and Nikon equipment, his work is available for purchase or commission; he also provides time-lapse production and one-on-one tuition.

Chasing Light is a showcase of his work.