Jo Malcomson from Blackpaw Photography and I regularly shoot the aurora together, dancing the night away as the sky dances with light above us.

This compilation of nightscapes features a symphony of the stunning Milky Way and Aurora Australis, with a sprinkling of whimsical dancing under the stars - a collaboration of our work from many hours over the past 18 months aurora chasing around South Arm, Tasmania.

If you would like to learn the intricacies of night sky photography and how to predict and photograph the aurora,  we offer one-on-one tuition and small group workshops, including night sky photography, time-lapse techniques and post-processing, please contact me for details.

We try and arrange a time with you that will give you the best opportunity to see the stars and to hopefully catch an aurora. Two tutors for the price of one.

Drinks and snacks provided. Usually a minimum of two hours, but if the sky is dancing we may be out all night :)

Fee: $130.00 per person, $100pp for two or more.